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Jun. 13th, 2010

ugh. Reading the paper makes you angry. So I shouldn't read...

I hate the discussion about the swedish language in finland.

Had a very busy day yesterday... Woke up superearly.. went to helsinki and wrote my exam, came back. The bussrides took more time than the exam itself. When I came of the buss I got attacked by some man who gave me a bracelet and asked if I thought about spiritual things and some fliers for some church. It was interesting. The church is in my neighbourhood in helsinki and I said I'd think about going there. They offered coffee but I had no time. Heard a women say to one of the church people that 'it's so nice to get free coffee' nothing is free I thought and wondered what theese christian people got out of this...

Then there was this little event in the town park and there was this living library where you could borrow people. So we lent a russian immigrant with my friend and had a really good discussion with her. Amazing. The world opened up a bit and it was wondeful.

Back to my parents house, lunch and back to town to listen to this band. They where quite good. http://www.myspace.com/janefromjermaine
Always interesting when people you know play in bands. Takes you back in time <3 memories.. some weird some strange some fun :P :) ;)

back home. alcohol intake. nightclub. back at 3.30 am and fell asleep after a 21 hour day. So today's just been lazy. Hanna crashed and spent the night and we ate breakfast around 2 pm.

but now heidi said she wanted to go to a forest and I got really excited and soon we will go!

Jun. 2nd, 2010

I'm having a really hard time getting out of bed today... It's been hard all week. I've been sleeping to 1 or 2 pm but today I had my alarmclock on 9 am. It wasn't that bad. I actually woke up and didn't feel that tired... But then I fell asleep again cos the bed felt so comfy.

I'm still in bed. Not sleeping though but I feel like I could sleep some more. But I shouldn't. I don't even understand why sleeping is so fun...

Had weird dreams... I was living at my parents and I had hippieveganguy over and my mom was really excited.

Should go to school and study.. Havn't started studying yet and have the exam on friday... I'm soo unmotivated!!

Gonna make coffee... Maybe that'll make me more motivated.
summer is fun. Have a really bad travelfever and hopefully it will go away. I'm constantly dreaming about interrailing and it's frustrating cos I wont be able to travel this summer. And next summer I'll have to do stupid school thingys. So I will never again be free!

Got my life quite planned for the next two-three years. And almost no room for anything else but studying. Sucks. I wanna travel!!!

Am in helsinki right now. Lazy as hell... Should be studying cos I have a exam next week. And my summer course starts on monday. It'll probably be interesting. Probably be a pain sitting inside but it can't be that horrible. only a couple of hours every monday-wednesday.

Then I have to start packing stuff... Cos we're not gonna live here in beautiful Pukinmäki much long... Roommate number three isn't gonna continue studying in helsinki so he's mooving away and we all are. Me and Heidi gonna move in together somewhere and hopefully get a nice appartment somewhere that is not so gettoish. I'm a bit negative/pessimistic and sure that we will end up in Malminkartano or something... somewhere really close to vantaa or espoo and with no descent bus or train lines.

But yeah... What doesn't kill makes you stronger and the universe has everything under controll... eventhough most in the universe is chaos... and the universe doesn't care about anything... but everything has a meaning and blaablaa.

Apr. 23rd, 2010

Things bothering: Nuclear power. I do not know anything about it and I doubt anyone else knows anything of it. Becuase there is no objective truth. But I don't want any fucking more nuclear plants!! Why do we need them?

Gaahh. I understand nothing.

Nuclearpower and volcanos and earthquakes and swineflu and shit knows what. Can't the end of the world come a bit faster?

Been sick this week... Havn't had time to feel sorry for myself and watch silly moovies like you are supposed to do when you are sick... Monday-tuesday friends over... wednesday boy2 and today I was at my aunts place.

Tomorrow going to borgeau/borgå/porvoo/theplacewhereIcamefrom. I want to bicycle, i wanna go to fleamarkets, go to the library... play with my cameras... read mythology... so much!

B2 just called me for no particular reason... interesting...

well anyhow. Me sleep now.

Apr. 15th, 2010

Busy busy busy...

Have a exam on monday and I've reached somekind of level and I can't study anymore...

On tuesday I saw a whole new side of myself... a cynical and very nihilistic side and it was fun :D The thoughts I had were so big and explained everything in my life... I thought I saw the world in a way no one ever seen it.. Then my friend gave me a quote about objective knowledge [an iwas obsessing over that] and I learnt that postmodernism already had thought all the thoughts I had.

Uhm... Thursday now and been quite busy today too.. Been hanging around in school and tried to read all week... dunno if I have learnt anything.. it's social anthropology it isn't that hard to understand I guess... And I had to give away the swedish edition of the book so now I have it in finnish and english and they are so different! So yesterday I read in my vagina book about reproduktion and learnt a lot of things! Like that the egg dies after ovulation if no fertilization takes place within twelve hours!

Tomorrow... I will be one of the main organizers for a student party.... and I will probably be awake for 24 hours... So I better go to bed!!

Okey. I LOVE this song

I love his accent.

and I love the first sentences in the song

Jag gjorde upp en eld för dig
och nu brinner hela skogen

and his accent!!!!

auf english: I made a fire for you
and now the whole forest is on fire

Today I have watched Moulin Rouge and made brownies.

It's been a time since I last saw moulin rogue... and it is/was my favourite film. Today I saw it again... and it awoke new thoughts.

Like what the hell is love!?

Wrote down some quotes that I'm going to present for my friends today and discuss them. Quotes about love and jelousy mostly... and that probably is the whole movies idea..

I don't want you to sleep with him says Christian to Satine
You promised
You promised you wouldn't get jelous

My thought... What is jelousy? Is jelousy a bad thing? Can you avoid jelousy? What does jelousy mean... where does it come from?

Then there were other quotes too... like satine saying "I couldn't pretend" when she was going to sleep with the duke... pretend... as is pretend to have feelings for him... okey.

Without trust there is no love
What is love again? and what is trust? and trust what?

We are creatures of the underworld, we can't afford to love
aaaah... so love is something nice.. something you want to have and have to try to gain in some way! something some people can't afford... but then there are they who can afford it. Okey.. Can people afford love in our time?

and then the last one..

Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love

now. Beer with my friends <3
Eastern holidays and I am back in my homwtown.

All alone at my parents house cos they apparently have work today and sis has school. I slept 15 hours last night. Felt so unbelievebly tired last night and fell asleep at eight. Crazyness.

I think my sis tried to convince me to come to school with her... I am not sure..

What are you supposed to do in this town? Yes it is pretty and wonderful and I could do a lot of things... like go to a café or just randomly bike around and explore...

But I think I'll read anthropology instead and for once start reading for a exam in time!
Been busy so I havn't had time to be on computer :O

Interesting how much stuff you can learn and do when you are not lurking on facebook or looking through your dashboard on tumblr.

Today was a friens birthday. New friend and not that close friend. But had really fun! And there was food at the party! And I haven't really eaten anything proper in days, cos I am a busy person and eating is overrated.

Well turns out that eating really isn't overrated! The guacamole was heaven, beer never tasted as good as today and whoa cake! Amazing!!

But now back to reality and I will starve again for some days :D hahah maybe not.

Other interesting stuff: world will end soon if you didn't know it. Peak oil and stuff like that.
and this


and and... new perspective on open relationships! hmm... Öööh.. something something something... in a closed relationship you are bound to a person and stay because you are in the relationship... adn because you have the obligation to stay and be there and blablabla... but when you are in a open relationship you know that the preson you are seeing is with you because he/she want so and is not obligated to be with you. So kind of a 'more far away but closer'. since I am not bound to someone I can be closer to that person...
much here to discuss and wonder about but not gonna go in on thst now.. too tired.

so gnight.


Just came home.

Met new wonderful people and hanging out with them was so amazing. They were so nice and cute and all that kind of stuff... though in the end one got a bit sad because blablabla and now that keeps bothering me.

The studentorganization at school had a party today and then we had a afterparty in this karaoke bar... only me & my two roommates + one german exchange student + three guys I never seen before. I came a bit later to the karaokebar cos I had to go take my stuff home before partying more [i came to the schoolparty directly from my grandparents so had all my stuff with me]

At the "sitz" [school party where you have dinner and sing and drink alot] I was sitting beside two very cute guys, one finnish and one swedish speaking.

Well... Hanged more out with the finnish speaking guy and his friend and then my roommates went to the karaoke bar with them and I came there after my trip to the suburbs. I am amazed over how fun it was. It was like I had always known these boys and we were like best friends and we hang out all the time. Then the bar closed and the german exchange student came back cos he had missed the buss and we went outside and walked to the trainstation to see how we get home. well outside the bar the exchange student went to a different direction and after walking a while we realized he was behind us so we waited and then tried to figure out how to go home. then the finnish guy became sad/mad at us because we "left" the exchange student and because we didn't take him in our taxi. we tried to explain that the exchange student lived in the other end of town and blablabla. Well... the finnish guy took the taxi with us and in the taxi I asked him if he still felt bad about the exchange studen thingy. and he was.. And probably still is... dunno... and when he jumped out from the taxi we said that we will discuss this later and bye bye. He said he had fun but this incident with the exchange studnet made him feel bad. Don't know if he really understood that me and my roommates live together or something... Well we all were drunk so..

Just hope this works out. I hate that it ended like this and that he felt bad. The exchange student wasn't... so why is he? He felt like we left him outside or something.. But yeah. In all very good night and very nice people. And the finnish guys spoke swedish to us and it was cute and I'm always as amazed when monolingual finns want to speak swedish. Cos why speak swedish? why bother? there are other "better" languages out there.

so blablabla.

I have to go to bed now... Have school tomorrow for petes sake