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Hai. Havn't said anything here in a while. Decided to stop whining so no need for this blog. Hahhaha. Nope I still whine but the ones who have to listen nowadays are my friends and the blog I started for my friends to stalk.

Fun things: When I was in finland I had one pack of dutch coffee and couldn't drink it that often since it would eventually run out. Now I have a pack of finnish coffee and can't open it yet since I'm afraid it will run out too!

Got some stuff from finland. More clothes and coffee, chocolate and porridge!

^ That actually is the best chocolate ever.

Was having some homesickness but it's not as bad anymore. Silly things but at one point I almost bought planetickets to finland (19th-25th october) but I guess I'll use the 170 euros on something else. Not that I actually have that kind of money but oh well...

At the moment I really want a septum piercing. But that will probably be over in 20 minutes.

Really wanna skype with one of my friendssssss. But I haz none. One on msn so gonna bother her now.

Something that I need to get of my chest.

I think I have lost the key to my Hope Chest (bridal chest) so the chest is locked and I cant get it open. Was gonna fill it with some plates that I got. Dont remember locking it... and last time I saw the key was when it was inside the chest.

Dad said that now I have to marry a locksmith.

My fate is settled.

café java

Jan. 3rd, 2011

Dear diary. I had a very good day today.
yesterday was not my day.

I broke my cellphone, dropped my plate, broke a chair and had waaaayy too much to drink.

But I had fun! Havn't laughed that much in some time. And got to know better the other tutors and it will be a hell of a autumn this year.

New students come tomorrow!! yay!

Jul. 29th, 2010

This morning when I was sleeping... Or semi-sleeping I dreamt/hallucinated that I was sleeping on my workstation and that my pillow that I was hugging was a cabbage.
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back in the days of 2005 interesting to see that it hasn't changed much. My first livejournal.
edit: what!? I have had a lvejournal i finnish!? totally forgot that!! oh my oh my... edit2: threehundredninetyseven entries!!! 397!!! whaaat thee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!